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Dental Practice Broker Massachusetts

Dental Practices for Sale in MA, or anywhere in New England


It’s no secret that buying a dental practice is a major life decision. Not only will this be the next step in your career but it will also be a challenging experience if you’re unprepared. The seller will have a team of professionals, and you’ll need to make sure you have yours.

If you’re looking for dental practices for sale in MA, or anywhere in New England, you can count on Optimal Practice Transitions to make the buying process as smooth as possible. With over 40 years of combined experience in the industry, we have the knowledge and skill to navigate the dental practice buying process like the back of our hand. Our buyer services include:

  • Identification of practices that meet your criteria
  • Transition consulting
  • Practice due diligence, including:
  • Post-closing cash flow projection
  • Critical metrics analysis
  • Discussion of challenges and opportunities presented by a practice
  • Practice valuation or review of seller’s valuation
  • Negotiation of purchase price
  • Education of tax consequences and strategies
  • Acquisition financing consultation
  • Building a transition team for the acquisition transaction and for the post-transaction period

With OPT on your team, you will have a better transaction and a better transition!

Let Our Expertise Guide Your Transition

Start your practice search with Optimal! Already have a practice? Optimal due diligence will help you understand what you are buying!

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When you’re putting up a dental practice for sale in MA, or anywhere in New England, you want to be sure you’re well-prepared and capable of navigating the selling process. Optimal Practice Transitions makes selling your dental practice easier. We provide our clients with a wide range of seller services including:

  • Valuing your practice
  • Marketing your practice
  • Negotiating terms that are both fair and favorable to you
  • Structuring and facilitating a smooth transaction
  • Discussing your transition options
  • Advising you about tax consequences and strategies
  • Educating you about buyer financing options
  • Building your transition team

Most importantly, we listen to you. We want to ensure that your questions are answered and your concerns are addressed so that you can make the best decisions for you and those you care about.

Thinking About Transition?

Let Optimal explain your options, guide you through the process and maximize your value!

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Selling your practice to a Dental Service Organization (DSO) is a big decision that you should make only after significant education and consideration. A DSO can represent a wonderful transition plan for certain dentists and certain practices, but you need to know what your options are. Most importantly, do not go it alone! Working with a transition consultant such as Optimal Practice Solutions, LLC, will not only help to humanize a transaction with an entity that may own dozens of dental practices, but will provide you with the best chance:

  • To obtain the greatest value for your practice
  • To receive the most value upfront at closing
  • To negotiate the best terms for the post-closing period

The value you receive in working with OPT is real and will more than offset our fees. When you are considering selling to a big organization such as a DSO, make sure you have us on your side of the table. Put our expertise to work for you!

Want to Work with a DSO?

Partnering with a DSO or other large multi-practice owner can be a great way of relinquishing the challenges of daily practice management while allowing you to keep practicing. Use Optimal to build the transition that is most profitable to you and addresses your specific concerns!

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Partnerships, including buy-ins and buy-outs, and associateships leading to an ownership interest represent one of the most challenging parts of our business, but also one of the most interesting. Structuring a sound transaction that may include a buy-in or buy-out agreement, as well a partnership or shareholder agreement, as well as other legal documents, is very important for all professionals who choose to work together in a shared ownership situation. Beware of the person who says there is only one “right” way to accomplish this goal. Our experience is that while there are some poor choices you can make, and while there are certain key issues that must always be addressed, there is actually a lot of room to structure something that works well for you. Thus, each arrangement turns out to be unique. OPT can work with a client and their other professional advisors to structure an arrangement that works best for you.

Taking the Next Step?

Growing your practice is a big step. Optimal identifies variables and keeps your best interests in mind!

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