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Dental Practice Broker Massachusetts

Dental Practice Transition in a COVID World | Dental Practice Broker Massachusetts

Dental Practice Broker Massachusetts

Benjamin Larkin, MA, JD, attorney and managing partner at Optimal Practice Transitions, will be speaking at Yankee Dental Congress 2023 as part of the Minuteman Lecture series on Saturday, January 28. 

In a presentation important to both those considering purchasing a practice and those who are thinking about transitioning out of their practice, Attorney Larkin will address a number of issues arising in practice transitions in this post-COVID world that we live in.  You will learn about issues related to the timing of purchasing or selling a dental practice.  We will examine in depth the issue of practice valuation – – and how practice valuation may differ depending upon whether we are working with a traditional sale, a sale to a multi-practice owner, or a transition involving a DSO/private equity group.

We will also discuss some ways in which buyer pay for practices and/or how sellers get paid.  For instance, bank or other third-party financing may be appropriate in many transactions, whereas in others, some form of seller financing may be more appropriate or necessary.  If working with a DSO/private equity group, payment is often a combination of cash at closing, earnout, and roll-over equity, so we will discuss how those amounts are determined and what seller obligations might be post-closing.

Finally, we will look at some of the tax consequences to both the buyer and the seller in a dental practice transition.

After this presentation, both buyers and sellers contemplating a practice transition in the near future will have a thorough knowledge of the issues currently arising in practice transitions.  We hope to see you there!

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