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Dental Practice Broker Massachusetts

Please contact us for the most up to date opportunities available. The list below is regularly updated, however not all listings remain on the market long enough to appear here. If you are a highly motivated buyer, we recommend calling us for more information, and becoming part of our buyer database.tes

  • Dental Practice Transition in a COVID World

    Benjamin Larkin, MA, JD, attorney and managing partner at Optimal Practice Transitions, will be speaking at Yankee Dental Congress 2023 as part of the Minuteman Lecture series on Saturday, January 28.  In a presentation important to both those considering purchasing a practice and those who are thinking about transitioning out of their practice, Attorney Larkin…

  • How to Buy a Dental Practice

    Acquiring an existing dental practice is an exciting time, but can be a daunting task and a complicated endeavor. However, when equipped with accurate, data-driven knowledge and a team of specialized professionals, you can set yourself up for a rewarding career and a smooth transition process. This article aims to equip you with the tools…

  • Non-Competition in Dental Community

    One of the most frequent questions that is posed to us is some variation of, “What is the validity and enforceability of a non-competition in the dental community in Massachusetts?”  Most attorneys will say, it depends.  Historically, the law surrounding non-competition agreements in the dental community in Massachusetts is based on “common law,” meaning those…

  • 4 Options for your Practice Transition

    What are my options for transitioning my practice? We are asked frequently about different options for practice transition to professional practice such as a dental practice.  There are a variety of ways to transition, but all are encompassed in the following 4 general scenarios: Associate / Buy-in / Buy-out In this transition scenario, the practice…

  • Dental Practice Transition Team

    Who should I have on my dental practice transition team? We are often asked both by potential practice sellers and buyers who they should be working with in a practice purchase and sale situation or a buy-in/buy-out situation.  The answer can vary depending upon the transaction and sophistication of the parties involved. However, there are…

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