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Dental Practice Broker Massachusetts

Please contact us for the most up to date opportunities available. The list below is regularly updated, however not all listings remain on the market long enough to appear here. If you are a highly motivated buyer, we recommend calling us for more information, and becoming part of our buyer database.tes

  • Malpractice Insurance

    Finding the right malpractice insurance provider can be complicated. The dental and allied health professionals we serve should be spending their time with their patients and care teams, not comparing insurance quotes. Berxi was born out of the idea that insurance for professionals and small businesses can and should be simpler. Part of Berkshire Hathaway…

  • Andrew Schwartz is speaking at Yankee Dental Congress on January 27th, 2023

    When presented with an opportunity to purchase a practice, a dentist can be overwhelmed trying to evaluate the volume of practice data available to determine whether to move forward with the purchase. In this class, we will help you better understand what it means to “Do Your Financial Due Diligence”. You will learn how to…

  • Dentists Looking to Go Out of Network

    WEBINAR FOR DENTISTS LOOKING TO GO OUT OF NETWORK WITH PPOs: Andrew Schwartz CPA and dental consultant Shelley Renee will be presenting a live streamed webinar at noon ET on Friday December 9th for dental practice owners considering going out of network with insurance companies. A lot of dental practice owners are getting very frustrated…

  • Non-Competition in Dental Community

    One of the most frequent questions that is posed to us is some variation of, “What is the validity and enforceability of a non-competition in the dental community in Massachusetts?”  Most attorneys will say, it depends.  Historically, the law surrounding non-competition agreements in the dental community in Massachusetts is based on “common law,” meaning those…

  • Dental Practice Transitions: 6 Dentistry Trends That Could Impact Your Business

    The lockdown has had far-reaching implications for healthcare practices. But the pandemic also encouraged dentists to embrace innovative tools and procedures. Here are some of the current trends in dentistry and how they could impact dental practice transitions. 1. Prioritize Patient’s Comfort and Convenience Dentistry has been focusing on improving the patient’s convenience and comfort…

Optimal Practice Transitions