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About Optimal Practice Transitions LLC

Dental Practice Broker Massachusetts

Meet the Team

Managing Partner

Benjamin C. Larkin, JD, MA

Benjamin Larkin was a practicing attorney for over 25 years and has worked in the professional practice mergers and acquisitions field for over 20 years. He received his undergraduate degree from Dartmouth College, his law degree from George Washington University and a master’s degree from the University of New Hampshire. While he has worked most frequently in the Greater Boston area and New Hampshire, he has had the good fortune to work as a consultant throughout New England and into New York, California, Texas and elsewhere.

Ben is comfortable and experienced in working on the seller or buyer side of a transaction. In addition to advocating for his client, Ben is acutely aware of the importance of building a good professional team for his client and managing the transaction to completion. Ben attempts to treat all parties with respect and professionalism. He is very proud that some of the parties who were on the other side of the table when they purchased or bought into businesses 15 or 20 years ago now come to him to represent them as they plan their own exit strategies.

In addition to working with traditional practice sales and buy-in/buy-out transactions, Ben has significant experience working with practice sales to dental service organizations (DSOs), and working with acquisitions of or by multi-practice owners.

Ben speaks and writes frequently about professional practice transition topics. Please feel free to contact him to speak to your organization.


Andrew Schwartz, CPA

Andrew D. Schwartz, CPA, is founder and managing partner of Schwartz & Schwartz, PC, in Woburn, MA. Since 1993, Andrew has provided tax, practice management, payroll, and basic financial planning services to healthcare professionals and their practices. Andrew is also the founder of The MDTAXES Network, a national association of CPAs that specialize in the healthcare profession.

Andrew is a frequent speaker at national and area conferences, medical and dental schools, and community events. He is a regular contributor to QuantiaMD’s website for medical professionals as their “Ask the Expert” columnist for tax and financial advice.

Andrew is the author of many tax and basic financial planning articles on a variety of issues that impact healthcare professionals. He is frequently interviewed as a tax advisor on current topics in national media, such as, Washington Post and Wall Street Journal, and local media, such as Greater Boston Radio 92.9 and

Andrew graduated from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. He is a member of the Massachusetts Society of CPAs (MSCPA) and the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA). Andrew was selected as a multi-year winner of Boston Magazine’s “Five-Star Wealth Manager Best in Client Satisfaction” award.

Transition Consultant

Alimie Medvetsky

Alimie Salakhutdinova is a Transition Consultant with Optimal Practice Transitions, LLC. Alimie is working on Financial Due Diligence reports for our buyers, as well as practice profiles for our sellers. She is also becoming involved with practice showings and the management of transition transactions. Alimie is highly qualified, having received her BS and MS in International Economics from the Kiev National Economic University. Prior to joining OPT Alimie provided financial expertise for a large, regional Commercial Bank, and earlier in her professional career, she worked in a title and closing company and in a CPA firm.

Transition Consultant

Dr. Roni Golden

Dr. Roni Golden is a national leader of dental education, founding The Golden Study Group consisting of five thousand dentists over two decades. Her passion is connecting people and communities. Roni had built a $5 million dollar, 3 location, solo owner practice in Vermont. She started her career by acquiring a small three operatory practice in Irvington, NJ. She has experience and expertise in all sides of buying, selling, and operating dental practices. Understanding the real-world needs of dentists makes her the ideal person to work with to achieve your goals. Understanding all the benefits and pitfalls of a 40 year dental career, Roni is available anytime to chat and explore your path to a successful sale or acquisition.

Transition Consultant

Dr. Andrew Rutter

Dr. Andrew Rutter practices part-time in an office he owns in Wells, Maine. He has purchased dental practices in both New Hampshire and Maine, in addition to having sold a practice. After 20 years in the profession Dr. Rutter hopes to use his experience to help facilitate the transition of quality dental practices to a new generation of practice owners. Throughout his career he has completed due diligence on dozens of dental offices listed by a wide range of transition companies. Dr. Rutter was drawn to work with partners of OPT because of their transparent, data-driven approach to due diligence and valuation. Dr. Rutter is available to help answer any questions you might have as you consider a practice transition. It is never too early to reach out for a conversation.

Our History

Optimal Practice Transition, LLC, founded by Andrew Schwartz and Benjamin Larkin, is a result of providing over twenty years of Dental Practice Accounting and Transition Services and asking how transitions can be made better. Since 1993, Andrew Schwartz has provided tax preparation, accounting, payroll, and practice management services to dentists, physicians, and other healthcare providers. Meanwhile, in 2000, Ben Larkin founded New England Practice Transitions where he was involved in over 350 practice transitions. Together Ben and Andrew have over 40 years of experience in the dental practice marketplace, and they now bring their expertise together to provide clients with the Optimal Practice Transition Experience.

Data Driven to Deliver Optimal Results

With over 40 combined years in the dental practice management field, and having worked on a combined several hundred dental practice transitions, the principals of Optimal Practice Transitions, LLC, have acquired a tremendous amount of relevant data on dental practice management and transaction metrics. We utilize our broad database to provide our clients with the most accurate and up to date information available. Selling or buying a professional practice can be an emotional time for everyone involved, and we certainly understand that emotions can drive decision-making, but it is our hope that real data based upon what is truly happening in the field, can assist our clients in making those sometimes very emotional decisions.

OPT is Unique

We have the professional perspective and experience to serve you best. We thoroughly understand the legal and accounting issues that may arise in a transaction and can work with our client’s professional team to efficiently address issues or avoid them completely.

We are not just experts – we care. Effective communication. Honesty. Integrity. Compassion. These are the qualities that we bring to the table in every transaction.

We are not merely a referral service. We become directly involved in our clients’ transactions, visiting practices, negotiating terms, discussing documents, and working seamlessly with our clients, the other parties, and other professional advisors, attending closings. Most of all, we listen.

Optimal Practice Transitions